It's time to discover

your Chinese relatives

and yourself

Get the powerful "Autosomal+Codis" DNA test that is available at ZuyuanDNA


It's more powerful than traditional birth family searching methods

You probably have hundreds of living DNA relatives who share ancestors with you within the last 4 generations.  The ZuyuanDNA Autosomal DNA test enables you to accurately match with them, which might lead to the discovery of your close relatives and birth family members.

It's much more powerful than traditional DNA matching methods that just match with birth parents and siblings.

Match with Existing

Chinese DNA databases 

of family member search

More than 30,000 local birth parents and adoptees have joined family member search DNA databases operated by Chinese volunteer groups, your birth family members might already in those databases.


The ZuyuanDNA Codis DNA test enables you to match with major family member search Codis DNA databases in China.

It's not just about your relatives

Your DNA can tell a lot more

Uncover your Chinese origins

The history of China is a history of migration and population mixture. The geographic regions and populations your ancestors originated from are encoded in your DNA. Uncover your Chinese origins to learn where you really came from.

Understand your uniqueness

The DNA your parents have passed on to you determines not only your physical traits such as free or attached earlobe, alcohol flush reaction, but also invisible traits you may never aware of. Your DNA is unique, so are you.

Through the 30+ personal traits, you may understand what truly define your uniqueness.

Live healthier,

based on your DNA

Do you and your family member carry genetic variants that dramatically increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease? Are you more likely to have diabetes or cancer in the future? Those are important questions on your health.

Your health is determined by lifestyle, environment and very importantly, your DNA. Knowing what health risk you’re genetically predisposed to could empower you to choose a healthier life.

4 simple steps, a lifetime of discovery


Order a kit online. We ship internationally. 


Collect your saliva and mail it back to us.


Receive your 80+ reports in 6-8 weeks, and more in the future.


Find new DNA relative matches as our database grows

Your privacy is important to us

Your privacy is our top priority. We believe you should in charge of your DNA, so we won’t share your DNA data to any third party without your explicit permission. Your information and DNA data are kept secure and protected by multiple layers of encryption.