Just 4 simple steps, a lifetime of discovery

Join the Chinese DNA database is easy. Once you've joined, you'll get updates of new DNA relative matches, new personal traits and health reports for free, for a lifetime.


Order a kit online

Order your ZuyuanDNA kit from our website. The kit has everything you need to collect your saliva.

We ship to regions including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, France and Ireland.


Collect your saliva and mail it back to us

Follow the instructions in the kit to collect your saliva, then mail your saliva sample and the application form back to us.

Currently we do not provide pre-paid return shipping label for customers outside of China. When returning your DNA sample back, you have to pay an extra $7-15 to the carrier for the return postage.

You don't have to worry about the storage of your DNA. It can be stored in the plastic tube at room temperature for up to a year.


Receive your 80+ reports in 6-8 weeks, and more in the future

In 6-8 weeks you will receive your 80+ reports on DNA relatives, ancestry estimates, personal traits and health by email. All your reports are in a single PDF format file that is ready for print. Your raw DNA data is available upon request and would be sent to your email as well.

Since new scientific discoveries of the relationship between DNA and traits (including health) are coming out almost every week, in the future, we'll turn some of those discoveries which could be validated by analyzing the DNA variants we've tested into new reports, you'll get them for free!


Find new DNA relative matches as the database grows

Autosomal DNA matching

Your Autosomal DNA data will be matched with each person in our Autosomal DNA database to find DNA relatives from immediate family members to 3rd cousins. When a new DNA relative match shows up, you will receive an email report on the details of the matched DNA relative. 

Codis DNA matching

Your Codis DNA data could be transferred to Codis DNA databases operated by family member search volunteer groups in China (you can choose anonymously or not). If your birth parents were already in those databases or join the databases in the future, you'll be matched with them.

Unless you opt-out, we will help you to transfer your Codis DNA data to major Codis DNA databases in China.

We use leading DNA technology

Your autosomal DNA is genotyped by using a customized 700K-marker Illumina Asian Screening Array (ASA), developed by top genetic scientists in China, Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. It is the world's first Asian population specific gene chip, which captures 60% more DNA variants than gene chips used by 23andMe or AncestryDNA.


This gene chip enables us to give you, the ethnic Chinese, more DNA relative matches and unprecedented accurate reports on your ancestry estimates, personal traits and health. 

Your Codis DNA is typed by using traditional paternity testing technology which have been used by forensic labs in China for more than 20 years.

Our lab is certified

The process to turn your saliva into DNA data is performed in our lab in China. The lab is certified by National Health Commission of China to meet clinical standards of genetic testing, which has strict provisions on test accuracy and privacy. Our genotyping accuracy is greater than 99.8%.

Our reports are based on high quality scientific research

Many of the world's leading genetic scientists and medical researchers are working very hard to understand how our personal traits and health are influenced by our DNA. When they find new relations between genetic variations and a trait (or a disease), they publish their research on peer-reviewed scientific journals. Currently there are more than 5,000 such studies.

Our algorithms to analyse your personal traits and health are generated from high quality studies whose results were validated in large number of individuals (sometimes the number could be more than 1 million people).