We're building a new DNA matching platform to help you connect with your Chinese roots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's new about the platform?

The new platform is designed for fast match, good user experience and privacy protection. Match results will be ready within 24 hours after uploading of DNA data.

Do I have to upload again?

If you have already uploaded DNA data to ZuyuanDNA, then you don't have to upload again, you will be able to view your match results online by logging in with your email.

Can I upload my DNA data now?

Yes, you can click this link to upload your raw DNA data from 23andMe, Ancestry or MyHeritage. However, we'll only send match results to you by email if there is a closer than 3rd cousin match.

How can I contact ZuyuanDNA?

If you have other questions, please send an email to info@zuyuandna.com.